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Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Clifton first carved his caricatures of lobster fishermen in the early nineteen seventies. Incorporating humor into historical scenes and currant issues he quickly became well known along the south shore. Eventually portraiture, caricature, and wildlife themes were added to his repertoire. More recently he has included works in marble and stone and cast reproductions. He is self taught, although he reads magazines and books in the fields of art and sculpture. Travels to Norway, Germany, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and the United States, have exposed him to the works of sculptors and artists.

Credits include one man shows in the several Nova Scotia Galleries and museums, with a commissioned portrait carving on permanent display at the Shelburne Dory Shop Museum. Award of a short self-employment grant, to help him pursue his art, and prizes from local carving competitions. As well, several organizations have commissioned tributes to prominent members, (in the form of portrait figures ) accompanied by public presentation and media coverage.

Artist Statement:

I like variety in the type of works I undertake and it is not always easy to see an underlying theme. However, I think there is consistency in the approach. Whether it is a light hearted caricature, or a serious contemplation, I hope to engage the viewer in the image. Perhaps mentally completing the story and identifying with the concept.

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